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Lovely Things, Lately


Can you believe today is the last day of summer? I’m a little bit in disbelief. But I am oh so happy it is feeling like fall out there! The last 2 days have finally gotten down into the low 60s and it has been grey and overcast out. THIS is the kind of Portland weather I have been waiting for! I feel like a new woman. It was 90 plus degrees last weekend, and every window in my apartment was open. For the first time in 3 months since I’ve been living here, I was so cold I finally had to shut my windows yesterday. It has been so nice and cozy in my apartment with a pumpkin candle burning, snuggling with the kitty, roasting delicious winter squash in the oven, looking up lots of yummy fall recipes to make… I love the feel of fall in the air.

In other news, and it’s a bit of late news to my blog (better late than never, right?), but I am now officially a licensed dental hygienist in the state of Oregon! I finally got the news last Friday. That little piece of paper… the things I did to get that. It’s wild when I begin to think about it. All of the hurdles jumped over, road blocks, the moments (many, many moments) when I questioned my success and my abilities… it all turned out. I’m still in shock. So. Much. Stress. Like I’ve said many times, and will continue to say the rest of my life, that was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. But it’ll pay off. Right? Kylie RDH here I come!

That night we celebrated with dinner from Bollywood and drinks at the Bye & Bye.

Getting ready for job hunting.

Lovely dahlias from last Saturday’s farmers market at PSU. I’m so sad the season is almost over!

Capi saying good morning to all of the other window kitties.

I recently discovered my new favorite loose tea ever. Whole Foods carries Ayurvedic tea blends specified to balance each dosha and I recently picked up a few ounces of “Pitta”. Sure enough, there are the cooling herbs in there like mint and dried whole roses, and I’m not sure what else, but it’s amazingly delicious! I’m addicted!

Also, I finally found Shock Top’s seasonal pumpkin wheat ale! STOKED! I think I still prefer TJ’s seasonal one a bit better but it’s still nice, crisp and light. Speaking of which, where is that stuff? It should be out any day now…

I’ve been (finally) crafting together my collection of magazine recipes into a binder! I’m organizing them by magazine, ie. Martha, Bon Appetit, Sunset, Rachael Ray. Turns out I have more Rachael Ray then anything else! Weird.

We went here last weekend. I tried the “Yolko Ono”, a breakfast sandwich with pesto, parmesan, a home made sausage patty with an egg. And after we ate, I couldn’t get the Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” out of my head for the rest of the day.

New yellow tights make me so happy!

This designer. They opened a retail space for him in Portland recently and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

This came in the mail yesterday! There’s a whole section on peanut butter AND pumpkin recipes. My life is complete.

I hope you all have a wonderful last weekend of summer ahead! We’re heading out to the pumpkin patches and corn maize that’s supposedly shaped into the Portlandia logo! Portland, you’re so crazy I love you.

What I’m Grateful For


Hopefully many of you have now found where I’m newly located. Thanks for making it here. After moving and going through many changes of my own, I figured it was rather appropriate to change up my blog. I felt that it was too stagnant and not exactly what I wanted. I feel that WordPress will grant me more flexibility, organization and creativity over the blog, shaping it into my vision, able to reflect more of who I am and what I desire to express. I’ve sincerely been wanting to get back into the “right” hemisphere side of my brain, because lord knows the last two years of stress and dental hygiene school made it almost rot to pieces. Now is the time to make some changes.

Although some days can be the pits, and it has been hard to be patient waiting to finally be an RDH and get my license, I have to remind myself that I have so much to be grateful for and to enjoy this time while I have it, not dwelling in misery, guilt and anxiety that I’m not able to do much about the situation. I have great health, some loving supportive people in my life (particularly my grandparents… I don’t know what I would do without them), the best apartment I could ever imagine in the best location I could ever imagine, a wonderful, affection and frisky kitty that I have the pleasure of witnessing growing into a tomcat, a wonderful boyfriend that I have the pleasure of sharing new experiences with, yummy food (and beer!) in my fridge, a car for convenience, and most importantly, my independence. I can pretty much do anything I please. I have plenty to keep me busy.

This. This is what I need to remind myself of. Nothing will stand in the way of me, success, and my goal. No one else’s success will influence or determine my success. Sometimes things work out for reasons I do not yet know. Maybe there’s a reason I have to wait this long. Nobody knows. 

In the meantime, I have all of these things to be grateful for…

Kitty kisses.

Beer tasting flights.

Spontaneous picnics in the park.

Observing kitty/boyfriend naps.

Classic grilled cheese and tomato bisque soup, imagining it the way your mom used to make it for you. Pure comfort.

Although I don’t do caffeine, discovering this great idea as the best way I can use up my gifted bag of ground coffee is delicious. I like mine with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom, plus a tablespoon or two of sweetened condensed milk.  My heightened anxiety and heart palpitations can suffer in the meantime for this deliciousness.

Getting out for a walk and breath of fresh air around my apartment on a sunny evening.

Look at those canines!

More of this little rascal.

This man.

Making tasty dinners for this man. (Recipe to follow soon.)

Pitchers of PBR.

And pizza.

And meatballs.

And more beer. (I’m so in love with this stout it’s ridiculous.)

Gigantic scoops of blackberry cobbler and peanut butter curry ice cream (AHEM, my new favorite ice cream shop).

This thing was seriously as big as my face.

The ridiculous plethora of good bars around here. We’re totally spoiled.

Sweet Italian vermouth and lemonata.

Late night walks crossing the Willamette.

My bike.

Discovering awesome new cafes and bakeries.

Laurelhurst Park.

My new juicer.

Taking care of my health and teeth (#1 priority, of course).

My kitty-filled apartment complex.

All of this delicious food from a cart for $8. Hot ‘n sour soup, chow mein, lemon chicken, and sauteed veggies. (Beer not included.)

This place.