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Foodlandia: Gold Dust Meridian

Rosie Lee Cocktail, Canton Lemongrass Martini, Classic Mac n’ Cheese, Lentil Soup Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Salad combo, Prawns in some saucy delicious bourbon sauce?
3267 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, OR
We came for happy hour and I have to say I left rather damn happy. Swanky little place on Hawthorne with a nice romantic ambiance and suitable, appetizing food. Very strong cocktails. I’m not much of a hard liquor fan, but every now and again some gin and vodka sets this girl straight, especially if you add some rose petal syrup or ginger liquor to the mix. Give me my own little individual serving of some of that mac n’ cheese (pictured above) and I have no complaints. I used to think that no one could top the mac n’ cheese my preschool teacher used to make. I dream about the day of somehow rediscovering the exact recipe that even slightly mirrors the same aroma that it used to bring about in the kitchen, and the happy song my taste buds would sing every time it was served.
This mac n’ cheese brought me back to preschool.
At least pretty close to it.
(But I’m 22 now and am able to drink grown-up cocktails WITH my mac n’ cheese so not really. I rather like this combination of events together better.)
All of the other food was pretty damn good, as well.
I would totally go here again. Great little place for drinks AND food that will make you happy.