The Fault in our Stars


I just started reading this book over the weekend and am a third of the way through. It’s re-inspiring me to get back into reading again. It’s quite wonderful.

Our breakfast Thanksgiving morning. We ate apple pie, bourbon spiked pumpkin chai, and watched Looney Tunes for several hours. My man and I really have a great time together. I am so grateful for him.

Speaking of what a great guy he is, he even lets me sneak in multiple shots of him with my feet on his chest. SNEAKY.

Saw these at a local store over the weekend and couldn’t believe how cheap they were. Makes me feel like my $8,000 kit for hygiene school was a total rip off!

Union/Pine was offering a great liquor tasting sesh for free over the weekend that we took advantage of. Our favorite? New Deal’s Coffee Liqueur.

Scored a new purse from one of my favorite shops, Appetite. It has a black and white Pendleton pattern on the outside and kinda looks like this. I love it. It’s so roomy (the kind of roomy where stuff can get lost way too easily!) but at least it’ll hold my camera which was the whole point of getting something new.

Ok, so I’m not much of a dog person, but I do love pugs now and again. And this little guy runs the shop at Appetite. So ridiculous!

So many books, so little time.

We’re headed to Michigan this weekend for a week. Flying into Chicago and staying around Grand Rapids, Saugatuck, and Holland, then staying for 1 night in Chicago on our way back. I’m so excited! And preparing to pack very warmly. Wish me luck for my first time back in the mid-west in winter time!

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