Random Old Photographs


Sometimes I like to thumb through my old Flickr photos to see what I was doing exactly a year ago from today. With Instagram being so handy and easy to use, I primarily used that at the time. I was so busy with school that I hardly ever uploaded any actual 4×6 photos from my DSLR. But it’s all good. Instagram is pretty great anyhow. So here are a few photos I particularly like from last Fall. Because nostalgia is fun!

My 6th or so visit to Humphry Slocombe in the city.

Dental Hygiene full throttle!

Fooling around with butternut squash at work.

Hanging out with Elena was wonderful. I miss that girl.

Mantra reminders.

Pumpkin spice owl cupcakes.

My favorite cheesy stuffed pumpkin.

The Fruit Bats live! I can’t believe that was exactly one year ago. How time flies!

Drowning in case studies. SO glad that stuff is over!

Baking butternut squash tarte tatin’s and chicken pot pie casserole for a par-tay.

And a fun little photoshoot with Sharron for this Etsy seller, NYHop. This was so much fun!


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