Life in Instagram


1. Lovely paint colors and Halloween fall decor.

2. Yvette’s love mural on her chalkboard door at the Jupiter Hotel.

3. Awesome “Acrylic Petals” mural on Alberta.

4. From where I stand: hike in Macleay Park to Council Crest.

5. Ineedthiswhiskey. Kennedy School rules.

6. DIY Hall & Oates mirror from Scrap for $2!

7. Pendleton Factory drool. Too pricey though.

8. Broder! Chanterelle, trout, greens, egg cream hash. So delish.

9. Cargo. My new favorite store.

10. Toro Bravo! Finally! This truffled arugula flatbread… heaven.

11. Portland Soup Co was closed so we went to the Phat Cart instead for fried chicken avocado lime aioli sandwiches.

12. Mister!


I’ll be back soon!


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