Good Things: This Weekend


My boyfriend rules. Yesterday morning he did all my dishes, did all the laundry, took out all the trash, and MADE ME BREAKFAST. I think I’ll keep him…

Pictured above: Roasted root veggies (rainbow carrots, parsnips) with spinach, crumbled country sausage, over easy eggs, and pumpkin english muffins. Oh, and pumpkin chai too! (which I am totally bummed that TJ’s is completely sold out of! Wahhh, I want more pumpkin chai!) I was in heaven.

Look at this little snuggly fox. He’s been such a burrower lately…

I’ve been teaching myself how to draw for the last few weeks, slowly but surely, and this was my latest creation. My first proper rose drawing! I’m so proud of myself.

Pumpkin pistachio oatmeal with pumpkin yogurt, licorice tea, and the new November Bon Appetit on a rainy fall day… my kind of idea of perfection, if there even is such a thing.

Pumpkin apple streudel cake. Recipe coming soon!

Got this little pip squeak a new squeak mouse toy, a new fascination! Blueberry waffles with pumpkin yogurt and pumpkin chai. Chocolate peanut butter eyeball truffles! So spooky and deliciously good! And some spooky sidewalk decorations! Love it!

I’ve been trying to branch out from my usual coffee shop hangouts (ie. Crema) and tried a few new places last week. Both uber hipsterish and a bit overrated, but still delicious. I tried the newish Heart on Burnside and the downtown location of Stumptown. Heart’s soy latte (at a whopping $4) was honestly not the best. A bit watered down and slightly bitter, I’ve had better. Also got a buckwheat fig roll that was decent, but definitely not worth another $4 or so. Regardless, I could’ve had a more substantial meal for those, but it was nice to hang out in and the vintage botany posters were uber pretty.

I didn’t get any decaf at Stumptown, just a fig anise scone supplied by Little T American Baker, which was a definite new experience for my taste buds. Good, but not sure if I would ever try again. What can I say, I’m spoiled with Bakery Bar!

Oh yeah, so this came in the mail a few days ago. An official OFFICIAL copy of my license! That was kinda nice… it’s all sealed and pretty and stuff.

Met up with some friends last night at a neighborhood eatery, Nepo 42.

Had some fried chick’n ‘n waffles with bacon and sage maple syrup with nice, tall, dark and handsome stout. Holy yum!

Love the tongue shots! Yeah super fast shutter speed, GO!

Kitty cuddle time is the best time.

My man also introduced me (finally) to the Batman series and we’ve been watching one a day since Friday. We saw the 1st Friday, the 2nd last night, and we’re about to go out and see the current 3rd one at the Mission Theater this evening. Batman marathon rules!

In other awesomesauce news: I received a complimentary copy of Breakfast in Bridgetown from the author himself for being able to identify a dish at a restaurant on his blog (Swedish meatballs from Broder)! Paul is a Portland foodie writer, specializing in the best of the best brunch places around PDX. Think of it as your Yelp brunch guide in hard copy form. He even includes critical information about expected wait times, the brand of coffee served (hey, this city is practically fueled on the stuff), the best “feel good” and healthy options, and if they have wifi available.  I’ve always admired the book at Powell’s, checked out a copy at the library a few weeks ago, and now I have my own copy. Thanks again, Paul! You rule. Oh yeah, and not to mention a gift certificate for dinner at Besaws was tucked inside the pages too! So excited to finally check them out!

Also, today I did something very special and exciting. A girlfriend of a friend and I connected, and I was able to flex my love for food photography this morning for a very special brunch event. And it looks like this will be a regular thing! I will post about it soon. It deserves its own post for recognition. I’m so excited to look over the photos tonight and the next few days!


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