Photo Walks: In The ‘Hood


I live in such a gorgeous place, especially this time of year in the fall. My neighborhoods’ streets are full of trees transforming their colors and losing their leaves. I decided this past week that I will make more of a point to get out of my apartment in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings more often to go on little photo walks in this area. There are many reasons why this will be great: #1, I will become better acquainted with my neighborhood and what’s in my surroundings, #2, I’ll get many great new photo ops, and #3, it’s a little exercise and a reason to get out and get some fresh air.

What’s especially great is that Halloween is just around the corner! The craftsman houses around here are absolutely stunning, and it’ll give me an even better excuse to take pictures of them when there are cute pumpkins and ghoulish decor and spiderwebs on their front porches. If I’m too old to trick or treat, at least I can take pictures!

More coming soon!


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