Mom’s Visit to Portland Recap!


Two weeks ago, my mom flew in to visit me in Portland for the first time. We ate at my favorite places and drank tons of beer. I showed her around to most of my favorite spots, although we didn’t get to all of them! There are so many great things to do in Portland that it’s always hard to narrow down exactly what to do and what to prioritize. I wanted to show her the best of what Portland has to offer, so needless to say, the 4 days she was here were jam packed, but we sure did well regardless!

Right after picking her up from the airport (which I am so lucky to live so close to! It’s only about a 15-20 minute drive from me), I took her to Pambiche for lunch. This is one of my go-to places, especially for their happy hour. I live about two blocks away from this place. Their fried plantains are to die for!

Then I gave her the tour of my apartment, and she met kitty! They had quite the love affair… and he got a new wig while she was here too. I took her up to NW 23rd Ave., Bailey’s Taproom, Voodoo, and Deschuttes for dinner! What a day!

We went to Tasty ‘n Sons the next morning for breakfast (see upper left) and had a delicious feast of sauteed spinach, candied yams, the best buttermilk biscuits I’ve ever had in my life, and some baked beans. That afternoon I had an interview so we parted ways for a few hours and she hung out with kitty. It was nice having a kitty babysitter for a few hours. 😉 She also found one bottle (the last one!) of  the hard-to-find Pliny The Elder at a great bar named Apex. We drank tons of beer there the last night she was here!

That evening we all met up at the Backstage Bar at the Bagdad (after she tried a new Zumba class!) and watched the the first Presidential Debate and played bingo. We were close!

I took her to Broder the next morning for breakfast, and she was in love. After seeing the aeblskivers come out, she was salivating. We didn’t order them, but what we did order was just as satisfying!

Then we took a drive up 84E toward the Columbia Gorge and went on a spectacular 5 mile hike in Multnomah Falls.

The last night (a Friday), we went out to Apex and drink tons of beer (they have 40 beers on tap at all times!) and played pinball, then had plans of going to an Indian dinner but it was way too busy so we went to a lounge instead and had ice cream at What’s The Scoop as a nightcap!

Despite our mini hangovers, I recruited everyone to get up early enough to get in line for brunch at the Screen Door. We got there a half hour prior to it opening, and waited another 20 minutes or so just to get in the door. Yep, it’s a nutty, nutty weekend brunch world here in Portland.

Chicken ‘n sweet potato waffles were to be had.

And my favorite picture of all…

Such a great grand fanale! We had such a fun time together, but I can’t believe how time flew by so fast! It always does. I’m looking forward to the next visit!


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