Friday Radar


1) The tables were turned! I finally got my teeth cleaned yesterday. Now if only I could get a job there… 2) Voodoo Donuts and new Night Owl Pumpkin Ale glass, perfect for drinking milk, 3) Took kitty to the specialist opthamologist  vet (again) to check up on his eyes. Still taking things day by day but he’s hanging in like a trooper, 4) Fall colors and acorns make me happy, 5) What would I do without Pepino’s in my life? and 6) I started my first day temping/working as a registered dental hygienist! (A whole other story in itself that would be way too long to discuss so we’ll leave it at that.)

A few things that have been on my radar this past week:

  • If you haven’t heard of Tiny Buddha before, I highly recommend you check them out. I’ve been following them for several years now, and their inspirational stories never cease to amaze me. Ironically, each topic always seems to exactly fit what I’m going through in the moment of my life, as well. These recent few were ones that stood out to me this past week: 1) Taking Small Steps to do the Thing That Scares You, 2) Learning to Forgive Yourself even when You’ve Hurt Someone Else, and 3) Make Up Your Mind to go with The Flow.
  • This featured photographer/designer & musician on VSCO. His photography is mindblowingly beautiful. I love the idea of approaching strangers and recording a little glimpse of their life, what’s in their bag. I believe someone’s belongings tell a lot about a person… don’t you agree? (See his Flickr page here.)
  • I can’t stop listening to this. Yea, pretty old school, but I’m lovin’ me some Phil Collins lately… like, majorly. I’m not sure what took me so long. I’m an 80’s child, whatcanIsay? (I can’t leave Genesis out, also… this song AND video RULES.)
  • This graphic is pretty dang cute.
  • Caramel apple spice snack tea? Yes please. Tastes just like apple cider, but better.
  • Checked this book out from the library and made the saffron pistachio bread (recipe soon). Love everything that’s in here. Beautiful photography AND recipes. I fell in love with it so much that I’m going to order my own copy.
  • Went a little Amazon crazy with my saved points and got this and this. Plus a few books about food writing and blogging! Yeah! I can’t wait to learn more about web and graphic design eventually, too.
  • There’s supposed to be rain this whole weekend in Portland! So excited for it to finally arrive. This is what I’ve been waiting for!
  • Trader Joe’s just came out with a bunch of new pumpkin items! My dream come true! Pumpkin spice macarons (remember the ones I made? I’m going to compare although the cashier today told me they were the best pumpkin item they have in the store!), pumpkin greek yogurt, pumpkin spice chai, pumpkin chocolate mousse cake… what?! I bought a bunch of baby white pumpkins, some succulents in these great ceramic orange pots, and some of those seasonal pumpkin peppers to decorate. I love the colors of fall!

I plan on making a nice dinner and dessert tonight, and just hanging out this weekend cozy inside from the rain, reading with the kitty and drinking tea. Have a happy day and weekend! xo


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