Hellos & Heartache


Things have been busy. Things have been in limbo.

With my mom being here this past week, I haven’t had much down time to do whatever (ie. blog, edit pictures, whathaveyou). We had a lot of fun though. Ate a lot of great food, went on some hikes and walks, drank a ton of beer, and she loved up my kitty to no end.

I bought a new camera last weekend. My dream camera, aka. a Canon 5D Mark ii. You may be familiar. I’ve been hoping for this baby for over 3 years. After thinking long and hard about making that financial leap right now, I decided to go for it. Living in this new place, I’ve felt that my previous dSLR just wasn’t capturing life the way I really saw it through the lens, and in the way I that I wanted to convey it to others. I’ll admit, she’s a dream, and I am so happy. I actually want to take pictures again. I want to capture everything. And thankfully, I did get it used, so that helped quite a bit. Now it’s time to sell my ole Nikon D50. Sorry girl.

The last few days have been a bit rough. I don’t want to go into too much detail, other than I might have to go through some difficult heartache sometime within the near future. All I will say is this: please pray for my kitty and I. That is all I ask.

Thank you, and I will be back soon with more photos to fill in when I feel at a loss for words.


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  1. Sorry to hear that! Hope it’ll turn out a bit easier than you expect now.

    And you have a lovely blog! A friend of mine just gave me those owl cake molds and she also sent the link to your recipe for the pumpkin cakes. Look forward to trying them both:)

    And a new camera? That’s so exciting!

    • Thank you!! I really appreciate your kindness, you are very sweet. I’m excited to take a look at your blog too! It looks so lovely! I’ll gladly link you 🙂
      And yes! Please let me know what you make with the owl mold… so many possibilities! Chocolate maybe?
      Can’t wait to follow you! xo

    • Thank you!! I appreciate your sweet thoughts. You should definitely make the acorns, they are the perfect easy craft to spice up your autumn life.

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