Friday evening pumpkin spice frappucino dessert, Saturday estate sale scores from Jill Bliss, waiting for breakfast, and a lovely hot pink horse skull. Sweetness.

Sunday: a 30 minute wait for brunch at the lovely La Provence (surprisingly on the short side for Portland), bacon vegetable risotto cakes topped with poached eggs and a side of butternut squash and potatoes, the BEST croissant I have ever had in my entire life with a side of raspberry jam, and our awesome chocolate peanut butter mousse parfait dessert at The Observatory.

Loving my new Lena Corwin ltd. edition melmac plate but getting tired of pb on toast for breakfast. I need new breakfast ideas. Suggestions welcome. A delicious vegan dinner from Canteen (the “Portland Bowl” and “Apple Ginger Greens” smoothie), Capi loves to make biscuits in daddy’s beard, and a lovely new bakery discovery less than 5 minutes away, Bakeshop.

I guess things haven’t been all that bad. I still feel like life is a big waiting game right now. Trying not to think that way, but in reality, it really has been that way lately. Patience. Patience. Patience.


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