DIY Wood Grain Laptop Skin


I’m obsessed with wood. Wood floors, wood panels, faux wood iPhone covers, computer speakers, fabric, you name it. So when I saw this idea I knew I had to do this to my computer.

You can purchase the contact paper online via Amazon but I also just so happened to wander into Home Depot several weeks ago and wandered the million isles to see if they had similar contact paper available. They had several options, dark wood, light wood, and another I cannot recall. I opted for dark wood, and the whole roll wasn’t more than $7 or $8. I bought myself a brand new X-acto knife and went to town.

Just a reminder: Make sure you put down some cardboard paper or cushioning when you cut the contact paper out so that it doesn’t scratch the surfaces below.

It turned out rather nicely. I didn’t bother to cover the bottom backing or space near the keypad mostly just out of pure laziness and not really feeling like it was that necessary. Feel free to do whatever you’d like. Fine & Feathered recommends to remove your laptop battery but if you have a MacBook Pro like mine you’re not able to do so.

Supplies you will need:

  • a roll of faux wood grain contact paper
  • parchment/tracing paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • X-acto knife
  • tape

  1. Unroll your contact paper.
  2. Eyeball a piece of parchment paper to tear off to sufficiently fit the size of your laptop.
  3. Place your laptop on top of the grain and parchment, whichever way you’d prefer the grain to go when it’s all said and done.
  4. With a ruler and pencil, trace around the sides of the laptop very closely. I pulled the ruler out about 1/4″-1/2″ so that I could trim it down later, and it was more of a PITA to do that. You don’t really need to do much adjusting if you closely outline the paper right next to your laptop.
  5. You have several options for deciding if you want the Apple logo to show through. You can trace out the logo by placing it on the top half of your laptop, centered, or do nothing at all. You could also just cut out a simple square if you’re not down for getting it all x-act and stuff (ha-ha).
  6. Using a bit of tape to hold the parchment paper in place over the contact paper, carefully cut out the middle logo and sides around the laptop tracing. 7.
  7. Carefully remove the backing, line it up as close as possible with the front of the laptop (don’t worry if you have to unpeel and reset it a few times… the tackiness won’t diminish much). Smooth the contact paper out as much as humanly possible. (This wasn’t very possible for me. I still have a few air bubbles in mine but I don’t care. I’ve learned to not sweat those kinds of small things anymore.)
  8. Wa-lah! You have a new, beautiful faux wood grain laptop and you didn’t have to spend a million dollars on buying a pre-made skin!

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