Let’s Start Over, Shall We?


My goodness. I have so totally neglected this blog for far too long. It’s ok, Baking Bird, I promise I haven’t broken up with you for good. There’s still hope. You see, I am finally (slowly) getting my life back to “normal”… (normal as in done with dental hygiene school! Hallelujah!) But not normal in the sense that pretty much everything is not how it used to be.

I moved.

To a different state.

To my new favorite state.

To my new favorite place.

Portland, of course! (Betcha couldn’t see that one coming!)

I’m on my 6th week now. I found a one bedroom apartment that I am completely in love with, in the most ideal location I could possibly imagine. Everything is so convenient. I have practically everything I need around me (except my close family and friends). But I’m ok. 700 miles isn’t all that far.

This has been my first time moving out, so getting used to this independence is liberating, exhilarating, and exactly what I have been looking forward to. All of the planning paid off, and everything fell into place.

Of course it gets lonely at times, but that’s to be expected. I don’t really feel as though I completely belong yet. I feel like I walk around with a sign on my chest declaring I’m not a “Portland native”. But who cares anyway? I’m the only one keeping tabs. I just haven’t really felt motivated to go out and meet anyone in particular. I still just want to plant my roots at home and be antisocial until I feel right, whatever that “right” feeling is… that’s ok, right? I’m still unemployed, in the process of finally achieving licensure to get legit (SO TIRED OF THIS RIGAMAROLE… SO TIRED). It’s kind of killing my spirits, actually. Having worked this hard for so many years, coming this far, and I am so close to finally closing that chapter of actually achieving this “thing”, an RDH license… it’s effing exhausting to be honest. I know it’ll all happen eventually, but c’mon already. I know that once I get the structure of a job (I hate putting conditions on things, but it’s true), I’ll be able to spread my wings and explore other avenues from there.

I have been keeping plenty busy though. Within 3 weeks, I became a proud new kitty momma by adopting the new love of my life, Señor Capistrano.


He’s a little stink butt, but I love him so.

We’ve been chillin’, hard core.

I live 2 blocks away from this wonderful park. 
They played Back To The Future here a few weeks ago.
Anyway, I just renewed my Flickr account so I have no excuses now… I will blog more now, I promise!! My goodness, how I’ve missed this. I have lots of (backlogged) recipes to share with you, experiences, restaurants I’ve been to, etc.
If you’re still listening (or watching/reading), please say hello! I’m looking forward to being reconnected with all of you again.

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  1. Long time reader, first time commenting. Still here, still reading, so glad you're back! Congrats on the move to Portland, I hope it's everything you've dreamed of and more 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your move! How exciting! Your kitty is so freaking adorable. Aww! I love your style aesthetic in your home. It looks so cute and cozy!

  3. Welcome welcome welcome! You've had a longtime crush on Portland, so not a surprise. I think I found your blog long ago because of something pumpkin related (a martini?) my friend Carrie shared. Anyhow, welcome to my dear city (I've called it home for 10.5 yrs now, time flies). Say hi if you need anything – I think I've also been following you on tumblr.

  4. Oh, and I meant to add that I love the peeks at your apartment, especially the kitchen, so sweet. I know that neighborhood well – I lived there for 4 years & it's probably my favorite 'hood. So close to so many great eats, parks, & never far from any other part of town. I just bought a house tho, and that area was a bit out of my price range!

  5. Oh I love Portland. I hope you enjoy your new home more each day!Have a great, fun weekend!-Jennp.s. are you a coffee fan and have you been to Barista's yet? It's the most amazing coffee shop there!

  6. @Jennifer I love coffee but it doesn't love me. I can't do caffeine, although I do get decaf now and again. I love the taste. There are definitely some fantastic cafes around here. I'll have to look up Barista's! I've never heard of it before 🙂

  7. I'm still here! Glad to hear that you're doing well.We actually just got back from a road trip to Seattle and we made sure to spend some time in Portland. We were surprised at how much we LOVED Portland. It even surpassed our love of Seattle. We used your blog as a reference on where to eat. I think that our love of Portland was cemented the night we ate dinner at the Screen Door. Thank you MUCH for that tip. Congrats on the move and I'm looking forward to lots of posts on Portland! Welcome back!

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