Slappy Cakes



4246 SE Belmont


Make your own pancakes at the table? WHAT?! Yeah. Pretty genius gimmick, I must admit. I feel for it. Even on a Friday morning around 11am, it was jam packed and our wait was nearly one hour. As long as you don’t mind the long waits and families piling in with little ones screaming and running around, and you love pancakes enough to wait that long, then this is your place. I sat at the bar and drank lavender champagne in the meantime. Not a bad idea.

But on with the pancakes. #1: Choose your batter, #2: Pick your fixins, #3: Add some toppings! So, I of course couldn’t resist getting some parsnip pancake batter, as well as a classic buttermilk one. Sweet and savory fixins included blueberries, chocolate chips, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, goat cheese, creme friache, and some lavender honey syrup. The regular breakfast menu includes many veggie scrambles, pork belly benedicts, and a sweet potato casserole that I tried out. Definitely not a fan though. The Field Roast vegan sausage made my stomach churn. But it was worth trying. Anyway, back to the pancakes. The waitress comes to oil up burning hot griddle on your table, and you get to work your magical creative juices! Combinations included:

Buttermilk: bacon chocolate chip, goat cheese and blueberries with creme friache

Parsnip: bacon, mushroom, and goat cheese

The parsnip batter was AMAZING. Seriously the best and worth the trip alone. Plus whatever pancakes you make that you don’t end up eating, you can take home with you! Yippie!


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