2935 NW Glisan 

Portland, OR

Open weekdays 7am-2pm, weekends 8am-2pm


Yes, you read that right. Let me re-emphasize: Bakery. Bar. A bakery AND a bar. A bar in a bakery. Bloody Mary’s, mimosa’s, beer. Yes. HELL yes. Booze with your veggie hash or chai glazed coconut scone. The place rules. No trip to Portland is complete without making a stop at Bakery Bar. This is quite literally one of my top 5 favorite foodie spots. The first time I ever visited Portland, my girlfriend I was staying with at the time lived right around the block from this place, about 2 minutes walking distance away. Before I came, she warned me she went there everyday for the “most amazing scones ever” and that the guys behind the counter that pour her daily cup of coffee are pretty easy on the eyes, to boot. When I finally prepared myself for what I was about to get into, holy moly was I pleasantly surprised. 

On the first visit, I treated myself to breakfast. Egg sandwich with goat cheese and roasted veggies on an english muffin and a decaf soy mocha chai, thank you very much. So scrumptious and just right to get myself fueled for adventuring. A few days later before I left, I took a few baked goods to go thinking I’d eat them once I got home (who was I kidding… they hardly made it one hour): a slice of the chocolate cake bread with espresso icing drizzled on top (yum), a vegan chocolate peanut butter banana cookie (extra double yum!), and some lemon-rosemary shortbread cookies. I was so in heaven. I’m so in love with this place that that day I even inquired about a baking internship, just for the hell of it. They do exist. Part-time dental hygienist, part-time baker at Bakery Bar. It could happen. Someday.

The other visits consisted of more breakfast and drooling over more delicious scones. In the winter, I was lucky enough to come across a pumpkin pecan scone with chai glaze = absolute favorite (should’ve bought them all) and the special breakfast hash of the day consisting of roasted beets, parsnips, and garlic topped with two fried eggs and a salt and pepper biscuit. One of the best breakfasts of my life. Plus, of course, a soy latte. Third and most recent visit, I met up with a friend and chowed down on a coconut poppy seed scone while enviously watching her pound down a mouth-watering bloody mary. 

Great food, great drinks, cute people, cute scene, and they even make cute little cakes! Bakery Bar, I love you!


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