1438 NE Alberta St.

Portland, OR


This place was on my OMG MUST GO ASAP FOR BREAKFAST list and honestly I was a tad disappointed. Everything on the menu sounded amazing: scrambles made with roasted yam or with bleu cheese, candied walnuts, and green apple. I was also excited to see sweet potato french toast on the menu. How could I possibly decide?!? I wanted to go there for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner: fresh gorgonzola butternut squash ravioli with spinach and mushrooms in a rosemary-port cream sauce and candied walnuts? Holy moly. Practically everything on their menu screamed my name. The wait was a tad long but understandable. Luckily a cute little boutique, Frock, was open directly across the street so we could browse through kitschy things with birds on them in the meantime. 

It’s not that this place was bad, per say, but I think I probably waited too long to eat and my eyes were bigger than my stomach. So when my green apple walnut gorgonzola scramble came and it wasn’t nearly the size I assumed and wanted it to be, I was a bit bummed. But it was good. And garlicky. And a side order of sweet potato french toast wasn’t bad, either. A little dry and not as flavorful as I would have liked it, but awesome idea. 

I’m totally not knocking this place. I really like it and definitely can’t wait to go back to try some of their other deliciousness. It deserves a second chance. 


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