Stuff for the Soul


Today has been a very fulfilling soul-nourishing kind of day.

Went to study over a cup of “bowl of soul” (fig and cinnamon steamed tea, soy milk, and honey with lots of delicious froth… I’ve died and gone to heaven) at Verve for several hours, sang this song out loud (very, very loud) about four times, eating lots of delicious chocolate tea cookies, drinking more tea out of my favorite mug, and it’s raining. Thank GOD for the rain. Oh yeah, and dreaming about Portland. Yeah. There’s always that, though. Check this out:
Picture 3
As I quickly scanned the list, I realized I’ve been to about 40% of these places (and some more than once).
Not bad for just 3 visits.
I know what shit’s good.
So yeah, I imagine this is going to be a pretty rad book that I will never need but of course will pick up and thumb through every time I see it at the bookstore.
Oh hey! And a rad illustrated guide to mixing your own cocktails.
Oh yes, and here’s some Etsy drool.

Oregon State print. NEEED.
These are a few of my favorite words: douglas fir, NO SALES TAX, microbrews, mountains, PORTLAND, loggers, runners, mushrooms. Love it.
Always sound advice

(But not for $1,200, thanks.)
Speakin’ of teeth, my summer anesthesia class is going quite well.
I started off with this:
Mr. Hot Dog responded well & is profoundly numb.
and progressed to a real human yesterday and ROCKED IT.
Gave an infiltration and ASA injection all in less than 5 minutes.
I wasn’t nervous ONE BIT. I didn’t shake. I didn’t pull blood.
Have I done this in my past life already or something?
Oh and let me introduce you to my new loves:
I haven’t owned a pair of Campers since FOREVER.
Yay for being able to switch up my shoe routine and not having to wear Dankos every single day.
Yummy foodz, pretty photography.
More beautiful food porn here and here.
New favorite cutie girl blog alert.
Oh yeah and I made ghee on the full moon two weeks ago. And NAAN! For the first time!
Nothing better than making deliciously spiced indian flatbread and straining butter in the middle of the night with good company.
If you haven’t heard about all of the benefits of making ghee on the full moon, allow me enlighten you. In the Vedic culture of India, ghee is made on the full or waxing moons, which is known as “shukla paksh”, the “white part of the moon”. All of the qualities the moon represents increase to their maximum during this phase of the moon cycle, and since the moon is considered to rule/control “soma” (the juice or essence of life and plants) and the Vedas speak of milk as the essence of grass or plants and consider ghee to be an essence of milk, this apparently plays an essential role in producing the very best possible ghee with all of it’s encompassing properties. Yeah, call me crazy, but at least it encourages me to make sure I get my ghee-making time in once a month.

I’ve been wanting to devote and entire post about ghee and how to make it, but for now I’ll leave you with this. And if you’re just so inspired to make some naan along with it, here ya go. The next full moon is July 15. Mark your calendars 😉

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