Beet Cake, Mixes, & Clever Cards

Lately I’ve been addicted to making 8 track mixes on this website
Have any of you heard of this/been listening/created mixes?
Let me know… I’d love to hear some new stuff!
Here are all of mine so far
Second of all, I was browsing the local bookshop today looking for a birthday card for my friend and came across this awesome one and couldn’t resist… I wish I would have bought the entire stack to give out to hygiene friends/teachers/cohorts!

Too awesome.

And here are some more great ones… I love this company!
I can’t remember the last time a greeting card actually made me laugh!
So clever.
The most beautiful cooking/baking video documentation I have ever seen.
How to make a beet cake.
I’m gonna do it.
Oh yeah and to keep up with this ice cream trend I seem to have been going on (on average, about every other day this past month? NEWS FLASH: ice cream is a health food!), here is something you need to be aware of (if you are not already):
Ben & Jerry’s “Late Night Snack“.
More like “Late Night Crack“.
Enough said.
It’s okay.
You’re totally allowed to make a mid-night trip to Safeway in your PJ’s and slippers just to acquire a pint of this. I won’t tell anyone… the secret’s safe with me.
You probably wear cute PJ’s too, so that’s totally allowed.
Just don’t run over your neighbors cat as you frantically pull out of the driveway…
I know you’re on a mission now.
Between homemade ice cream sandwiches, late night post-bar nothing-is-open-“I reluctantly have to resort to Cold Stone” runs, Humphry Slocombe in the city pre-Iron & Wine show going (peanut butter curry and cinnamon brittle, anyone?), and the new local Penny Ice Creamery (pistachio cardamom chocolate chip, balsamic cherry), I have been on the longest ice cream kick of MY LIFE! No joke, folks. I swear I’m not pregnant. But my hormones have been pretty whacko lately and all I have been wanting is cold creamy goodness. A little salt and sugar mixed in don’t hurt either. Oh lovely hormones… you make the world go ’round.
Oh yeah, and because ice cream and beer go so well together and one without the other on a warm summer evening would just be a sin, here is a new seasonal one out by New Belgium: Somersault ale. Being a fan of all things limited edition and seasonal, I bought a 6-pack today and must say it’s quite delicious. Looks like it is temporarily replacing the past summers of Skinny Dip. As it’s described on the label:
“Somersault Ale is a fun roll around on the tongue and a perfect, summer lounge-around beer that is easy to drink. Color is blonde with a suggestion of amber. Somersault tumbles out with citrus aroma from Centennial hops, a tuck of soft apricot fruitiness, completed by a smooth, upright finish with oats that were fermented in a long, slow mash. Somersaults all around!”
Yum! At least some beer descriptors don’t sound as pretentious and ludicrous as most wine labels… I can handle talkers like this. I’m glad I just now discovered their website! I’m diggin’ the food pairings and un-recipe “recipes”. The peach goat cheese arugula candied walnut salad may be the next to-do on the list…
And a lovely new Vetiver song (that I just can’t get enough of) to leave you with for now…


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