Lean Green Peanut Butter Machine

Five reasons why I am stoked to share this awesome smoothie recipe with you:
1. It’s delicious.
2. It tastes like a peanut butter milkshake. (Trust me.)
3. It has a gargantuous heaping amount of fresh spinach leaves in it.
(Beta carotene, vitamin E & K, what whattt!)
4. It has more than just spinach in it–how about some mango, butternut squash, and a date? Talk about powerhouse meal with loads of veggies in it that you can’t even detect. Jessica Seinfeld would be proud. It’s pretty “deceptively delicious”.
5. Did I mention that it’s delicious? Yeah. Can’t rub that in enough.
Oh yeah, and the whole thing fit PERFECTLY into this glass. Right to the top.
Talk about satisfaction…
I was stoked on myself for that alone.
It’s the little things in life, I tell ya.
Sooooo yeah. I wasn’t in the mood to cook dinner last night. I was tired. Exhausted. Over it. Totally over it. I was jazzed to make some roasted root veggies for dinner but, alas, I had unfortunately neglected my purple beets a bit too long and they were molding. Did not want to go to store. Screw it. So I resorted to Plan B.
Like I said, it’s like all you need in a meal. There’s some orange stuff hiding in there that you can’t see. And the spinach? You can’t taste it at all. I. LOVE. SPINACH. I am the spinach queen. It’s always in my fridge. If it’s not, I’ll drive to the store just to buy spinach. Loads and loads of it. I would drive a thousand miles in the snow for spinach (at least I’d like to think I would). That’s how fond I am of the stuff. Can’t live without it. Did I mention Trader Joe’s sells pretty hefty bags full of it for only $1.99? Steal. Major steal. I don’t know what I would do without Trader Joe’s. (And their organic Valencia peanut butter. Holy crap. I’ve tasted a lot of peanut butters in my life and I still have to say, hands down, it’s outsmarts, outwits, and outplays any other peanut butter on the planet. Yes indeed.)
It’s wonderful for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or even dessert! It’s pretty much heaven and not to mention healthy! This really gets my day going and I feel so energized. It’s all that green stuff. Go green, I’m tellin’ ya. It does wonders for me, at least… And it’s full of FIBER. Your body is going to love you and every cell will be smiling. And I bet it will help keep those nasty boogie monster viruses away! It’s been going around.
Ok so on with the recipe. But I can’t really say it’s a recipe since I made it up and I don’t keep track of things I throw in but I’ll try my best. I kinda go crazy and experiment with things like this. You can substitute any sweetener (maple syrup or honey, perhaps, or none at all) for the pumpkin butter. But it’s really nice. Here goes.
Lean Green Peanut Butter Machine
Makes 1 serving–by yours truly

1/2 frozen mango or 1/2 frozen packet mango puree
1/2 cup frozen butternut squash (raw is ok)
1 date, pitted and chopped
1 gigantic handful of fresh spinach leaves (ok, about 1 cup packed)
2 tablespoons natural crunchy peanut butter
3/4 cup unsweetened original almond milk
1/2 teaspoon pumpkin butter
1/4 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
a few dashes of ground cinnamon
a few dashes of ground ginger
1/2 scoop of any smoothie protein powder, such as this (optional)
Blend everything until smooth! Drink immediately and tell your body how much you love and appreciate it! Because it loves you, too. I think I have to go and make one now.

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  1. This sounds like this is what I could really enjoy from time to time after workouts where I need food but don't feel like making a meal. Exciting! Any other smoothie recipes like this?! If so, Please share lol!

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