Hipster Nerding Out: Beards, Birds, & Portland


If you haven’t yet heard of the new TV series on IFC Portlandia, you better get on it. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen kind-heartedly mock stereotypes, personalities, and lifestyles commonly found in Portland, OR folk and it is frickin’ hilarious and rings true in so many ways. This is the kind of stuff that makes me roll on the floor laughing and not too many television series shows enable me to do that (Seinfeld is pretty much the only one), so basically yes, it’s won my heart. It’s quirky and awkward and lovely and honest. Especially since I love and adore and am obsessed with Portland as much as I am and can’t wait to live there, this will fulfill my desires from afar in the meantime. I can live vicariously through them and recognize streets, businesses, landscapes, and personalities that I’ve previously encountered, all from the comfort of my own (living) room. Ah, the things I have to look forward to.

One of the skits they have done is about how we can’t seem to get away from this bird thing that’s everywhere. And it’s true. I can shamelessly raise my hand and claim that I am guilty of it, too. I mean, my blog is called The Baking Bird, after all. I love my owls. I love birds. What can I say. Everyone else seems to, too. I mean, just type in ‘bird‘ on Etsy and you’ll roughly get back 207,000 results. 1250 pages worth. That’d take quite a while to sift through. So it’s just great that they’ve brought this whole obsession to light and maybe we can question why in the hell did this whole bird thing get so popular anyways? Who cares. Just watch it. (I actually ended up in this retail store that they’re in called Land on Mississippi Ave. the last time I was there aka. a month ago and purchased a shirt. So I was totally stoked to have recognized it and say HEY! I WENT THERE! Yeah, I love it when things like that happen. I’m a dork.)
Anyway, do yourself a favor and watch a few episodes of this. You may not be interested in Portland at all, but I promise you this will make you laugh. Check more of it out here and here.
And on to more chocolate. These Mast Brother guys from New York make chocolate and have beards and I’m a sucker for both. And I’m a sucker for the packaging, as well. What can I say. I really want to try their stuff, except there is a minimum amount required to buy that’ll run you for about $100. Looks like I’ll just have to save for a plane ticket someday instead. Anyway, these guys hop on a SAILBOAT to search for cacao beans throughout the world. Jesus. Stop it right now.
Read more about them here.
Oh and remember my whole pie vs. cupcake rant? Turns out I’m not the only one. Here is where Matt Lewis (author of Baked & Baked Explorations) explains why cupcakes will never be overthrown. I couldn’t have said it better. A little over a year later, his opinion hasn’t changed. So yes, I agree: let’s talk about pie less and eat it more. Thank you, and good night.

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  1. max's sister gave him a mast brothers fleur de sel chocolate bar for xmas! i got to try it, it was pretty freaking spectacular. i didn't know they were such intrepid bearded cuties though 🙂

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