Currently baking: a persimmon cream pie with a graham cracker gingersnap crust.

Currently wishing: I could stay in my pajamas all day. And that I had an ice cream maker to enable me to make this.
Currently hoping: I’m not getting this sicky bug floating around.
Currently curing: an herbal apple cider vinegar with basil and mint.
Currently loving and devouring: this persian rose petal cardamom tea concoction.
And streaming the new Iron & Wine, Kiss Each Other Clean.

Currently waiting on: a few pairs (5) of these glasses to arrive in the mail to try on (for free!)

This company rocks. All frames are no more than $95, free shipping, lenses included, and they give a pair to someone in need whenever a pair is purchased (similar to the Tom’s thing…). I’m sold.
Currently intrigued by: these goat milk caramels. Flavors like vanilla bean, coconut & lime, honey, and chocolate sea salt. Genius.
Currently reading: these inspiring words. Daily.
Currently craving: these gluten-free cherry walnut oatmeal cookies.
Currently inspired: by this Food Swap! Another reason why Portland is genius. I want in on this next time… more of the inside scoop here.
Currently digging: these nesting, feather, and musician calendars by the Wild Unknown.
Currently enjoying: my new Keep Calm posters. Unfortunately it seems I somehow skipped the “floss on” and “curry on” posters… too bad, I’ll have to make another order.

Currently curious about: Root, an organic Pennsylvanian made spirit consisting of some wonderfully-sounding herbs and spices–birch bark, smoked black tea, sugarcane, sassafras, orange & lemon peel, allspice, anise, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. Holy moly.
A few recipes that caught my eye: autumn leaves (the name in itself, obviously), making caramels, raisin creme brulee, willow (one of my favorite names ever), mango lassi (!), ginger root sling, etc. I just might have to get me some of this.
More later.

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  1. For the glasses: Click on the link that says "these glasses" above the picture. :)For the herbal apple cider vinegar, click the pic. It's from ReadyMade.

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