Two of my Favorite Things: Owls + PB


So I’ve realized that I’ve started posting on here more often, regardless of the fact that I’ve been busier with school than ever. I’m a bit surprised, myself, that I’ve been able to do so, on top of all the baking I’ve managed to squeeze in. But I’ve realized something. It’s what I have to do to stay sane. I need a creative outlet. Something to get my mind off of TEETH, for goodness sake. Something to help me recognize myself. It’s an identity crisis of sorts, really. My entire lifestyle and schedule and just life in general has completely changed, 180 degrees. And this is what makes me happy. I just want to bake and obsess over finding awesome recipes and cute owl things and waste my time a little. So, with that being said, I’m just trying to not feel guilty about it. It’s a distraction, I’ll admit. But I feel as though I can’t focus on the stuff I do need to do otherwise. Yadda yadda yadda. On with the show.

Yeah, so, before I eat my breakfast and head out the door in the morning, my vice is looking at my favorite blogs. And then I somehow manage to open up about twenty five million tabs within 10 minutes before I leave (or rather, I realize I’m running a few minutes late…). Like this morning for instance, I found this super awesome owl pillow:
Cost Plus also has some of the cutest owl stuff available known to man.
I have to stay out of that store.
And these chocolate peanut butter monster brownies from the CPB Gallery!!!
They remind me of Ugly Dolls.
And how cute is this idea?!?
Speaking of peanut butter, I currently have a batch of vegan peanut butter banana bread baking, experimenting with this new peanut flour stuff from Trader Joe’s. I’m totally curious. It smells pretty darn good, but we’ll see. Trying to figure out what else to use this stuff for. I’m sure the possibilities are endless… perhaps also try out this peanut butter dutch baby recipe with this in place of regular flour?
Oh yeah, and I wanna make this. Except with pumpkin instead of mango.
I have visions.

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