Gold Digger Chocolate, Mad Men, DIY Log Cabin, & other Nifty Things…

Just discovered this awesome chocolate company that lets you customize your own chocolate bar combinations! You can add up to five ingredients (spices, nuts, candy, herbs, even 23 karat GOLD flecks!) to a dark, milk, or white chocolate base. All starting at around $3.85 a bar (not including extras), it ain’t cheap. This particular combination I made up would end up costing me $15. FOR ONE BAR.
But hey, great idea to rip off and maybe do on my own at home? They even do bulk orders for parties or weddings, allowing you to put your own photo in the middle of the dang chocolate bar!
Crazy, huh?
“Tropical Island Bar”
-dark chocolate
-banana chips
-coconut flakes
-mango dices
-pineapple dices
Pure chocolate bling aka “Rizzoli & Isles” bar.
-dark chocolate
-23 karat gold flakes
“Fresh Face Forward Bar”
-dark chocolate
-dried cantaloupe melon
-goji berries
-roasted sunflower seeds
-organic flax seeds
“Trick or Treat Bar”
-milk chocolate
-candy corn
-fall leaves
-candy bats
Also happened to stumble upon these great black and white photos from the set scenes of Mad Men. I love this show, although I am ashamed to say I am behind by like 2 seasons, practically. Saving them all up for a crazy Mad Men marathon weekend party, I suppose?

Joan is my idol.
-Also just discovered this really awesome artsy design blog that has sucked me in a bit these past few days: Lox Papers.
-Instructions for how to build your own log cabin. So freaking rad. Ever since I was little and had a log cabin building doll-house set, I have had dreams of living in one some day. This might just be what I need to make that dream come true!
Design Squish, a blog about all things I adore: nature, trees, art, design, sustainable living.
-Eight sweet lavender recipes from the Kitchn, in addition to sweet potato cakelets and jack o’lantern cocktails.

-Also completely in love with this wallpaper over at ModCloth (that is temporarily out of stock). That website is dangerous.
I actually DO need some wall hooks and these might be a winner…
Now as far as food goes, here are some recipes that have me excited:

Holy moley. I just need some extra time, money, and energy. I WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING!

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  1. this is outta control. that acorn squash cornbread puddin' is going to be on my plate later tonight. i'll let you know how it goes.if pumpkins can be in style all year long, don't worry if october runs out! (at least, that's what i'm telling myself)

  2. Now, I'm hungry. As for the section about log cabins, more and more people come to appreciate the simple design and basic practical appeal of a log cabin. There are companies all over the country that can supply cabin kits of all sizes, making log cabins one of the most popular building types around. Interesting. Thanks for your thoughts.

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