"Back To School Shopping"

School starts in less than 5 days.

I’ll be taking 15 units = full time to the max.

I quit my job (of 5 years) in less than 3 days.
Which means… cash flow? Non existent, pretty much.
Big changes.
But that isn’t stopping me at all from splurging on “back to school” items that will help get me through the year.
Seriously. It’s ridiculous. I need to stop. There are times when I can go a little crazy, I’ll admit, but I’m good 99.9% the rest of the time. I swear I’ve been to every office supply store in town (and out of town) just to stock up on notebooks, pens, highlighters, organizing boxes, and binders (why are these stupid pieces of plastic $10 a piece?!? it’s just PLASTIC for crying out loud… these corporations are getting away with MURDER!) and then of course I take myself to the locally owned bookstore to see all the cute supplies they have available and I end up with this:

I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Organic classic bergamot Earl Grey with fragrant Jasmine floral notes.
And that’s not all…
A retro inspired blue diamond tea tumbler.
Doubled glass walls.
For owl tea to take with me and get me through dental hygiene school.
I needed it, really…
BlueQ, you are extremely dangerous and threatening the life of my check book.
But I love you.
They even have teas to help you be a better parent, erase your past, and live forever…

Sounds good to me.
Check out the rest of their (genius) tea collection here.
Let’s see, I also picked up the Indie Rock Coloring Book.
And Urban Outfitters taunted me with this new cupcake book.

Because I am so into making weird cupcakes.
Rosewater Champagne, Surly Temple, Lemongrass, Tandoori, Curry Cardamom, Pancakes and Bacon, Avocado and Black Pepper, Thanksgiving, and the Punkin Donut are all flavors I can’t wait to try.
I will need to bust this out for the fundraising bake sales, I know it…
And then I figured a few motivational mantra magnets would be needed to look at in my locker on a daily basis to get me through the next 2 years (and the rest of my life, for that matter) whenever I have weak moments and tend to doubt myself…

That is all. For now.

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