Semi Homemade: Beet Gorgonzola Ravioli with Wilted Maple Frisee

When I first discovered these new, locally handmade raviolis just a few weeks ago, I nearly flipped a lid. Beet ricotta gorgonzola raviolis?! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Especially at the $7.99 price tag. For just eight of ’em. But hey, you gotta live it up sometimes, especially for $1 per piece amazing raviolis. So I gave in. And made myself the most delicious, semi-homemade lunch of the century. I don’t have exact measurements, but this is basically what it boiled down to:
-1 package of these guys, boiled for about 4 minutes
(you can also be adventurous and make your own with wonton skins, like this recipe explains here, although I personally had a bad experience with the skins falling apart and red beet insides spilling everywhere)
-1 head of frisee, chopped the bottom off
-warmed up a little ghee and walnut oil in a pan on medium/high heat, added a handful of chopped walnuts and lemon zest and sauteed for a few minutes
-added the frisee to the pan, along with a few tablespoons of maple syrup, a squeeze of lemon juice, and some freshly grated black pepper
-lightly tossed the frisee in the pan with a spatula, then put the lid on to cover it for a few minutes for it to wilt
-topped the ravioli on top of the wilted frisee on a plate, then garnished a little extra gorgonzola on top
IT WAS DIVINE. And so easy! And gourmet! The flavors were all great together. I’m pretty stoked on it. And next time I’ll try it with the yam or butternut flavor.
Speaking of vegetables, I just discovered Claire Nereim’s new Seasonal Vegetables of California poster. A few years ago I bought this print of seasonal fruits in California (it’s probably the most expensive piece of art I own thanks to the cost of the framing) and I absolutely love it. It’s something that will be the star of the show in my future kitchen. Anyway, maybe, just maaaybe at some point I’ll buy this one too to compliment the other. I think she’s genius.
Some other cool things I’ve discovered on the net lately:
-how to bake cupcakes in bulk (note to self: read thoroughly!)
-this woodland themed birthday party is so effing cute and amazing and perfect it almost makes me want to cry

-this rose geranium ice cream with pistachios recipe from the Kitchn
-this cardamom-vanilla shortbread with white chocolate and rose petals recipe, also from the Kitchn
-Rose Mint soda recipe (found via the Kitchn)
-a non-alcoholic wine substitute! (I rejoice! especially for all of the alcohol-sensitive people out there in the world like me that struggle with wanting to drink but also not wanting to at the same time)
-this DIY cabin in the woods, from the August issue of Sunset magazine (seriously, my dream house… and it’s in Oregon… can it get much better than that? I’m drooling)
Alright, that’s all for now!

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  1. Just found your blog, and it is truly wonderful. Your pictures are beautiful Looking through the archives made me wish I lived near the bay area to try a Magnum PI cupcake! I made dumplings once with a friend, and the hardest part was getting the wonton dough just right, the filling was the fun/easy part.

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