And Never Resign To a Typical Life


It’s a wonderful rainy Tuesday as I’m sitting here dreaming and wishing I were in Portland, listening to the wonderful jazz of Bill Evans and Duke Ellington and I finally feel as though I have a little luxury free time now that the school semester is one week away from being over! Thank goodness. I still have to draw up a design for my cake decorating final and I have no idea where to start but I’ll get to that eventually. I’m finding way too many great things all over the net that are getting me inspired, like some of this stuff, for example…

-These great prints by Eva Juliet (Art Culinaire & Parsley) and her amazing beet chip snack bag art that is absolutely genius
(Photo and recipe for Beet Chips from Sunday Suppers)
plus this is really cute
-These wonderful watercolors by unitedthread on Etsy
-This owl music mobile on Ferm Living
-DesignSponge’s Orlando, FL city guide is pretty comprehensive compiled list of great sounding boutiques and shops, restaurants, and places that make me want to book a ticket to go there right now! These places especially: Stardust, Blue Bird Bake Shop, Ethos Vegan Kitchen, Etoile Boutique, Pom Pom’s Tea House, Raphsodic Coop Company, etc, etc. WOW. I could go on and on! Who knew Orlando was such a hoppin’ place?
-All of these products from Fine Little Day have made me fall in love…

-This cast iron bathtub couch on Etsy is pretty genius
Ferm Living pretty much has all of my dream home decor
Indian “indie” music = my new favorite
-And I’ve also discovered some pretty great photographers lately that make me want to drop everything and enroll in the Brooks Institute ASAP. One of these days.
THXTHXTHX, a genius blog that posts a ‘thank you’ note a day. A wonderful reminder to be grateful for the small and quirky things in life.
-This cupcake (and cookie) website with great cupcake recipes and photos… I love getting new ideas! Flourless Beet Chocolate Cupcakes, Sour Cream Fig Cupcakes, Parsnip Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting?!? I am in love.
-This great Australian mag, Frankie, has quite a lovely blog that I will now frequent very often
-Shutterbean’s Peanut Butter Bacon cookies! WHATT?! Yes. Oh yes. I do think I will have to make these soon.
-And I ordered used copies of each of these (both for under $20) although I rarely EVER buy movies on DVD after I see them but this is a special case because they are two of my favorite movies EVER and I will never get sick of their awe factor

-Oh yes, and I saw Broken Bells (and the Morning Benders) last Friday. Okay show–James wasn’t as cool as he used to be back in the day, 6 years ago, in The Shins age. He seemed a bit PO’ed but I would’ve been too if my microphone wasn’t working 10 seconds into the first song after a 45 MINUTE SOUND CHECK. Idiots. They sounded great though and Brian Burton’s fro was distractingly beautiful.

Check out this video by the Morning Benders. It’s my current favorite song and this version of it just gives me the chills and I love it a million times more. How I would give my left foot to have been in that orchestra. Holy moley.
-Aaaand I will also see She & Him this Friday! I’m way more excited for M. Ward than Zooey although it will definitely be a treat regardless. I’m glad I liked their 2nd volume better because the 1st didn’t do much for me. And the best part is that they will be playing at a venue less than 5 minutes away from my house. It’s a little mind blowing.
That’s all for now.

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