Today I am Excited about Everything


Streaming live video by Ustream

So I’ve become a little obsessed with watching (or stalking, rather…) this live steam of barn owl Molly in her nest box taking care of her newborns the past few days. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined being able to catch a glimpse of this spectacular phenomenon. This is better than going owling! (Mainly because my ventures out at night have been pretty unsuccessful, although I did hear one owl the other night on a hike…) It’s available 24/7! Whattt?!? Amazing, I tell you. Amazing. And yes, I do watch it while I bake and I squeal and freak out over it… because I’m a dork. I’m in awe over this. It’s too perfect for an owl-obsessed freak like me. Look at how beautiful she is!
Besides that, here are a few other things I’ve been loving lately…
(Just discovered her awesome blog here.)
Urban Weeds (Portland Street Style)
Reason #697 on why Portland rules and why I can’t wait to live there.
Everyone is beautiful and has style!
I can’t help but have the hope that maybe one of these days I’ll be photographed unexpectedly as I wander the streets…

Donna Wilson‘s collection!
Seriously, I would buy anything and everything that she makes.
Owls, beards, birds, foxes, kitties, weird monsters, cupcakes, faux wood…
pretty much everything I adore.
And look at how cute she is!
Oh, and I finally bought a carton of this today because it was on sale and I’m stoked on trying it.
Coconut everything these days, I tell ya. Even coconut kefir!
Alright well I’m in the midst of cooking an indian feast for a friend and I tonight. Vegan baked sweet potato samosas, cardamom coconut brown rice, sauteed garlicky ginger chard, with many fixin’s and sauces: cilantro-cashew-ginger chutney, banana-ginger-apple chutney, mango cardamom jam, tamarind sauce, and making a special “kapha” tea tis the season. Yeah, I think that’s about it. I’ve been cooking a ton cause it’s spring break woohoo! Red lentil beet dal, sweet potato and dandelion greens gratin, coconut chocolate avocado muffins.

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  1. This is amazing! Sorry I never wrote you a comment before, but I have kind of been stalking your blog because I love owls, baking, sandwiches and Indian food, too, and your blog reminds me of my West Coast home (which I am currently way far away from, in Germany). Thank you!

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