Migration to a Town Where Tree, Swallows, Houses

Golden delicious apples on California black bread,
crunchy almond butter, drizzled with avocado honey on top.
Saturday simplicity:
-waking up to rain
-abhyanga self-massage
-preparing the above with a cup of peppermint tea
-the forest and the outdoors
So easy to make and quite delicious. Putting it under the broiler for about 3 minutes partially cooks the apples so they’re all nice and soft and crisps up the bread a little. I found the avocado honey a few weeks ago at this great little fruit and vegetable stand on my way home from Ayurveda school one evening. The adorable pea green label caught my eye at first, and then I saw that it said avocado. AVOCADO HONEY?!? You’ve got to be kidding me. Genius. The avocado is very subtle but I’d like to say it rounds out the honey with a little more of a creaminess and nutty flavor. There are tons more of honey flavored infusions too, like orange blossom, or sage, for example. I can’t wait to sample some of the others once I finish this one.
Went for a trail run in the forest when the rain took a break and it was invigorating and delightful. It was almost like an obstacle course. Tree trunks to hop over and under, puddles to jump around. The ground was soft and moist and muddy and dirt was splattered all over the backs of my legs and the bottom tracks of my shoes are completely saturated but oh it was so much fun. Laughing at myself and smiling whenever I was close to slipping and falling on my ass and/or down the cliff. No one around. The crisp and dewy smell of fresh rain oxygenating my blood. Sixty minutes of solitude, sweat, and good music. And the icing on the cake was washing it all off in the new outdoor shower.
Today has felt like a DIY retreat. Putting health and well-being first I believe is crucial for everything else falling into place. It’s good to take care of yourself. Now off to the kitchen to do a spin off of a ReadyMade recipe to make some sweet potato and beet pancakes with a thyme and lemon zest sour cream sauce.
I’m loving life.
(And the fact that James Mercer is coming back to my music library with some awesome new tunes with Danger Mouse in about a week and a half. YES! Is it just me or is he looking more and more like Kevin Spacey these days?)
**EDIT: Full album now available for streaming here! Thank you NPR!**

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