Dream Space & Design Sponge

Designed by Piet Hein Eek.
(More pics available here.)

Get a load of this log cabin designed into a recording studio! Out in the middle of the woods! What a location. Looks like it could fit into the Where The Wild Things Are movie set perfectly (the backdrop of the trees and light leeks peeking through). Sleek, stylish, modern, and simple. Genius. My dream is to take this idea and make it into a slightly bigger house. I love the rustic and natural look of the stacked logs. Now this is bringing back memories of how I used to play around with log cabin kits back when I was young. Subliminal messages creeping into my conscience? Either way, it is simply gorgeous to me and I am definitely saving this beauty of an inspiration for future reference.

Speaking of movie sets and design as inspiration fusing into daily living, art, and decor, Fantastic Mr. Fox has been showcased on Design Sponge for the warm, homey feeling it vibrates in the miniature dollhouses and holes the foxes and other animals live in. What they’ve done is genius. I don’t know how they found all of these great items (thank you Amy M.), but they match perfectly. Especially since I would kill to live a (semi) simple life like those foxes in their awesome tree house. I want to live in that movie. Maybe if I had a million dollars and could afford all of this awesome stuff, I would be able to create a sequel/a real life human version. I’ll take one of everything below, in addition to the log cabin, thanks. In the meantime, I’ll just drool over the pictures everyday and smile.

Check out that bandit mask, turntable, coffee table, gold ring, and earrings! Holy crap!
All you need now is some of that spiced cider and a roasted chicken...

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  1. I am LOVING this!!!!!!!!!! Such an inspiration pulled right out of childhood dreams! I could so see myself running into the woods to thsi perfect little getaway. That siding is just spectacular too!

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