So much food, so little time!


Many updates soon, I promise! So many other things have been occupying my time and trust me, the intention has been there, I just haven’t been able to have the time photograph, eat, upload, post, and chat about all of the creations I’ve been making. So much food, so little time! I’ve been cooking and baking up a STORM the past week. Half have been from recipes I’ve found online or in books, and half have been a result of my own culinary imagination. Most were in spite of the holidays and giving treats as gifts to the ones I adore, but mainly I was just bitten by the baking bug.

Just to name a few:
-White chocolate rum raisin truffles
-White chocolate pistachio rosewater cardamom truffles
-Gingerbread truffles
-The best vegan banana bread with toasted coconut, extra bananas, and a chopped coconut curry chocolate bar inside
-Fig smooshed anise-almond vegan cookies
-Chocolate fig oatmeal bars
-Coconut cranberry pumpkin soup
-Tofu-beet burgers
-Roasted fingerling potatoes with dill and gorgonzola
-Fried plantains in a cinnamon lime sherry reduction
-Roasted butternut squash & parsnips with pomegranate molasses, cilantro, candied ginger
-Mango cranberry jalapeno chutney sauce with cilantro, lime, onions, and honey
And last but not least, my very favorite…
-VEGAN LAVENDER BERRY CREAM PIE! I made it up and it turned out so freaking amazing. I can’t wait to share the recipe and talk about it!
And of course I feel like I’m forgetting something…
In the meantime, hope you all enjoy this last beautiful week of 2009. What a year! Health and happiness to everyone as we enter the next decade! January is going to be great.

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  1. All those things sound so great and delicious. Vegan lavender berry cream pie?? AAAAH SHARE RECIPE RIGHT NOW PLEEEASE!!!I wonder if a new year's resolution to bake more would cancel out my resolution to exercise more? Oh well.

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