Some Really Good Things

First and foremost,

PUMPKIN OATMEAL!I’ve been on a big oatmeal kick lately and this is really simple to make! Just heat up some quick(er) cooking steel cut oats on the stove with pumpkin puree and some Odwalla Pumpkin Protein soy milk (oh yeah!), stir in some cinnamon, cardamom, and top it with some raw mixed nuts, dried fruits, and fresh raspberries. And whatever else suits your fancy (honey, shredded coconut, a big blob of peanut butter, I could go on and on…)

Finds from the weekend: an Ashley G print (on sale!), the new pumpkin pancake/waffle mix from TJ’s, my favorite Yogi ginger tea, some interesting owl “paint-by-numbers” type deal that I couldn’t pass up, and a book of short stories lent from a lovely friend! 😀

The window display at Urban Outfitters of “Where The Wild Things Are” is EXTREMELY dangerous (and amazingly well done). Yeah, they had owl pillows. It roped me in…

The really great weather and sunsets the past few days…
Aaand few of my favorite bands playing shows here this past weekend was a big treat!I saw…
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

(If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, do yourself a favor, please… they’re my new favorite)
Yo La Tengo(I’m going to post the footage I documented once it uploads on YouTube but enjoy this in the meantime…)

And next week I’m seeing Blind Pilot and The Low Anthem in the city! Can’t wait!


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