Pumpkin Waffles, Pimped!

Pumpkin waffles! Finally! Thanks to the help of a gluten-free pancake/waffle mix, I made these puppies in less than five minutes and they came out perfectly. My culinary brain has been quite imaginative and resourceful lately, as you might be able to tell from the picture above. I concocted a savory dish that is perfect for any time of day, although this seems very brunch-appropriate. I raided my fridge for everything savory and sweet that I was craving and sounded good. There’s no real recipe for this, so I’ll just do a little explaining…
It’s really rather simple. First, I sauteed some sliced crimini mushrooms, sliced turkey breast, freshly chopped sage, and green onion in some ghee. While that was going, I kept it a little warm on the stove while I made the waffles. You can make your own waffle base, of course, but since I had some mix to use up, I used Pamela’s. I followed the basic recipe on the back, and added about 1/2 cup of canned, pureed pumpkin and an appropriate amount of pumpkin pie spice. Spooned the batter into the waffle maker, let it do its thing, and then topped each waffle with the saute, plain greek yogurt, fresh raspberries, and some cranberry apple and pumpkin butters. Deeeeelicious, if I do say so myself. I’m definitely making this again very soon!

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