Martha makes me Fall for Pumpkins…


Well, turns out my “first day of Fall to-do list” was a little over ambitious. I couldn’t really do all of that in one day, in addition to going to school for six hours. The figs had to wait (today my sweet father went up and picked an ENTIRE BOWL FULL of turkish figs from my grandmother’s tree just for me since he knew I was pressed for time), and I also felt as though I was coming down with something–itchy, sore throat, congestion headache, blah blah blah. (I called in sick from work tonight for the second time in my life.) But I did, in fact, get around to cleaning my room yesterday. I minimized clutter, rearranged owl trinkets, dusted, vacuumed, and organized my bookshelf. It feels so much more tranquil, clear, and pleasing to be in. Next thing to do is go through my horrendous pile of magazines. I have to admit, I am quite a magazine hoarder. I’ve always been a magazine addict and always will be. Especially this time of year, when I end up buying every special Halloween issue, including ones from Country Living, BH&G, Martha Stewart… you name it, I’ve probably already got it. I will never throw away archived Halloween issues though. Those are my prized possessions. Sounds kind of sick, I know, but they are my source of creativity, inspiration, and happiness. I never tire of a good pumpkin recipe. But anyway, with that being said, I just now came across Martha Stewart’s Blog about her pumpkin patch! TO DIE FOR. Of course she grows every pumpkin on earth known to man. She’s Martha! Here is the list of what she had planted:

Turks Turban, Lebanese White Bush Marrow, Snake, Apple, Marina Di Chioggia, Autumn Wings , Galeux d’Eysine, Ten Commandments, Boston Marrow, Dinosaur, Kakai, Rouge Vif d’Etampes, Birdhouse, American Tondo, Wolf, Sweet Dumpling, Corsican, Queensland Blue, Golden Hubbard, Potimarron, Dipper, Musquee De Provence, Long island Cheese, Warty Long Hardhead, Bule, Connecticute Field Pumpkin, Confection, Triamble, Red Warty Thing, Costata Romanesco, Warty Pumpkin, Thick Margin Silver Seed, Jarrahdale, Knucklehead, Costata Romanesco, and Specialty Bliss

I haven’t heard of half of these types before! I think I want to move in with Martha and learn everything there is about planting and harvesting pumpkins! That would be cool, right?

Some of the seeds she ordered from Homestead Seeds. Look at those cute little bottles!

The farm from where she ordered a few of the varieties, The 200 Acres/Homestead, looks incredible. I would buy a plane ticket just to go to the great pumpkin patch (it’s in Illinois) and the Homestead Bakery which has tons of specialty pumpkin items for sale, such as pumpkin cinnamon rolls, bars, breads, cookies, and pie.
Take me here and I will love you forever.
In the meantime, I think I’m gonna order myself a few jars of those seeds. That’ll satisfy my desire for a few years…
In addition to this great discovery, I came upon a lovely blogger/event planner/designer/decorator, Amy Atlas, that did a fall-inspired project around faux wood and acorns! I am so in love.

Recipe for cinnamon pistachio meringue here.

DIY acorn garland template here.
I am so inspired now! Hopefully you are, too. Now it’s time to go watch a few episodes of Mad Men and read some more women’s studies papers before I take a Benadryl and call it a day.


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