Go Smell (and Taste) the Roses…


My new favorite ice cream

Seriously, so effin’ fantastic. Especially with pistachios! Tonight I made a vegan sugarplum coffee bundt cake and had a scoop of this with it. Whole Foods was giving away free $5 coupons the other day so I took advantage of it and got a pint of this yummy stuff. They also have a ginger rosewater flavor, and lavender ice cream! I’ve been on a rosewater kick lately, if you couldn’t tell. White rosewater kombucha, rose petal jam, rose petal tea and smoothies. So bomb. I used to not be so fond of the fluffy scent but ever since I started using it as a facial toner and started incorporating it into cakes as well, I began to love what it had to offer, especially when paired with pistachios and/or cardamom. Ayurveda is also really big on rose water. As it states here, a warm cup of milk blended with rose petal jam is a nice soothing bedtime drink that will help you sleep! Goes to show it’s not only tasty but there are medicinal qualities as well. Rose petals help recondition the nervous system, helping to alleviate insomnia, fatigue, and depression. They are also beneficial in treating menstruation and stomach disorders. So, indeed, it is quite a feminine herb. The feminine scent helps the female reproductive organs. Intuitive associations go hand-in-hand. That’s what I love about Ayurveda. It all makes sense… maybe I do belong in the City of Roses after all! Hmmm…

Additional website: Rosa damascenaP.S. Rose stands for “gift of angels”. 


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  1. I looooove rosewater. Rose in general is pretty amazing. The ice cream sounds incredible!! I may have to try and make a vegan version of that as soon as I get home. Do you like that brand of kombucha better than the first brand to come out? [Crap, I can't remember the name now.. maybe you know what one I'm referring to. Narrow bottles.. lots of weird fruity flavors..]Great post!! Do you have any other favorite Ayuverda books other than the first one you mentioned a few weeks ago?My apologies for all the questions, yikes.. one last one.. Do you use straight up rosewater as the toner, or use a store bought product containing some?Okay, enough! Thanks. 🙂

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