Bird Signs


This book pretty much sounds AMAZING. Right up my alley. Chakras, yoga poses, spiritual growth. That’s pretty much what I’m all about. And relating it all to birds? Why don’t I own this already?!?

Birds are so common in everyday life that most people take them for granted, viewing them as nothing more than colorful diversions. Bird Signs shows a different and deeper side of our avian friends. The book presents birds as gateways to self-knowledge. According to author G. G. Carbone, birds are symbols that can help us reflect on events, make nurturing decisions, and focus on spiritual growth. Particular birds exemplify characteristics that seekers can find, or search for, in themselves — examples include the flamingo’s balance and the chickadee’s playfulness. Divided into sections of Bird Traits, Bird Wisdom, Broken Wing, Bird Vision, and Bird Lore, the book contains a wealth of cultural and historical facts, along with guided meditations that incorporate chakras, yoga poses, and visualization. The colorful divination deck contains 52 cards that can be used individually or as daily or weekly card spreads.”


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  1. I just ordered the book you spoke of at the beginning of your blog….I was hoping you owned it because I wanted to know what the sight of a certain bird that I’ve been seeing and no one else does. I FINALLY shared the vision with someone and it was, to the best of my knowledge, a Baltimore Oriel. I just wanted to know if seeing it had any message or meaning. Like I said, I bought the book and am anxiously waiting the arrival. Thank for listening/reading;)

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