Camps & Cottages


I apologize for my lack of updates. I’m just not able to keep up on this as often as I’d ideally like to. I’m not going to get into excuses. Instead I’ll just get right into a great thing I did in celebration of my birthday last month.

My stepmom and a great friend of hers go to Carmel often to this fabulous woodsy cabin country style store known as Camps and Cottages. Several times, she has brought home these fantastic bird prints that now hang above our fireplace in the living room. What she has told me about from her visits has made me anxious to visit. So, for my birthday, they took me there! Let me tell you folks, just about every single item and piece of furniture in there resonated deeply with my obsession for owls, the forest, deers, birds, art, photography, you name it. Basically, EVERYTHING I LOVE. Warm, comforting, calming, and refreshing pieces everywhere. The owner, Molly English, collects and combines old and new, vintage and refurbished. I wanted it all. 

What I couldn’t live without most of all was this antique gold owl lamp, with the vintage lamp shade included. I literally died inside. I knew I couldn’t ever possibly find something comparable like that on eBay if I tried, and now was my chance. It was now or never. The $200 price tag was making me indecisive. Once I expressed interest, she told me it was on sale ($100!) and I started jumping with joy. I whipped out my Visa faster than I could blink my eyes and before I knew it, that owl was mine. 

Additionally, I ended up buying this cute little bird purse. I couldn’t resist. 

A few of the other things that were in the shop:

Some other cool places I went to in Carmel included Earthbound Farms, Anthropologie, and a few other boutique stores that had lovely decor:

(And this is new owl purse was a birthday present to myself, courtesy of Etsy!)

I had a really great time in that shop, as you can tell…
I would share more but that’s all I have time for for now!


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