Not a Recipe: DIY Bottle Cap Earrings


I couldn’t resist sharing a little non-culinary creativity since I feel pretty puffed up with myself for finally making my own set of earrings from beer bottle caps. And yes, of course, they are from the Hitachino Nest Beer that I’ve been obsessed with for quite some time now. So far, I’ve only opened two bottles, hence why I didn’t go on to make a necklace (which I intend to do in the near future). These were so simple and easy to make. One trip to the craft store, $1.19 later, and a little bending and twisting of some wires, wah-lah! I had my own pair of owl bottle cap earrings. 

Basically all I did was hammer a hole in the rim with a hammer and a nail, and bent a few jump rings and put on an earring hook. As for the backing, I cut rounds of wine cork and glued them in the back so it wouldn’t be a hollow space. Beer on one side, wine on the other. All bases are covered. I’m thinking I might sell these if anyone is interested and is as owl obsessed as I am. But I’d have to charge a pretty penny to make up for the cost of the beer!


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  1. I am totally interested, if not owl-obsessed. (Er, I like them a bit?) There are no really interesting or cute beer bottle caps around my way – plenty of strong cider for manly men, not so much beer. But yes, I recently got my ears pierced and I would love to wear these. :DAlso, thanks for all the recipes. I’ve tried a few, and they’ve been really useful.

  2. I just was introduced to this beer over the summer. The beer is great, but I must say what I love most is the incredibly packaging design! Good choice for bottle cap earrings. I’ve also been eying achorsteam caps. I love the gold with that awesome blue. Your baking is beautiful… keep up the creativity. -Katiefellow veg supporter, and bottle cap affionado.

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