Recent Flickr Favorites & Other Goodies


1. easy morning, 2. Cupcakes!, 3. |, 4. ., 5. Untitled, 6. Le petit déjeuner, 7. .8am., 8. hello, you little tiger., 9. secret ingredient, 10. Untitled, 11. This AM., 12. tomorrow, 13. In the evening…., 14. Lost, 15. Autumn nostalgia, 16. couldn’t scoop out anymore…, 17. c’est aujourd’hui.., 18. For this little girl, 19. Untitled, 20. Untitled, 21. Untitled, 22. Untitled, 23. a tray of cupcakes, 24. when it gets cloudy outside…., 25. seattle20, 26. seattle6, 27. seattle5, 28. seattle43, 29. Untitled, 30. kaukasische spezialität, 31. eva, 32. Untitled, 33. Untitled, 34. Untitled, 35. Wanting, needing…, 36. in the kitchen with…
You can tell the common theme: kittens, cupcakes, nests, birds, mugs, yummy breakfasts, trees, silhouettes. Just a few of my favorite things.

A few other great finds:
PhotoGrazing. Similar to TasteSpotting and Food Gawker.

– These great bird prints!

Madeleine Peyroux, my new favorite jazz singer. Why hadn’t I heard of her before?!? God, her voice is amazing! Here’s another link.

The Cake Book and How To Cook Everything Vegetarian. I checked these out from my schools library the other day. I love testing out cookbooks instead of buying them! That way I can just photo copy the recipes I want. I plan on doing some SERIOUS cake baking these next few months until the end of summer. I’ll let you know how some of the recipes are.

– This great bakery! I wish there was one locally. I just like reading the different varieties of cupcakes they offer. There are some really great ideas and spin-offs of peanut butter and chocolate combinations. I’m going to do some experimentations.

Maggie Mudd’s Tarmack dairy-free ice cream! Holy moley this stuff is awesome. I’d really like to try the Peanut Butter Palooka, Pumpkin, and Banana Rum Brownie. They have great flavors available.

I’ll post some recent photos from the 4th and other events in my next separate post!


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