Everything smells so wonderful!


Right now I am baking a vegan peach, blueberry, plum, and apricot cobbler and holy moley, I’ve decided that the smell of baking peaches and sugar and flour is the most DIVINE smell in the universe. (Along with mint, basil, thyme, cilantro, and a few other of my favorite smells, of course.) Anything baking in the oven usually smells amazing, but boy I haven’t smelt something as good as this in a very long time. I’ve smelled some pretty great things today. My senses have been on overload. Ran in the forest this morning and every now and then I’d get a great whiff of something. The smell of the BBQ fire and hot dogs and burgers in the park below was also quite divine, I must say. 

Anyway, Happy 4th and I’ll post pictures of this great smelling cobbler very soon! Here’s some other pictures I’ve taken for the meantime: 


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