Vegan Pumpkin Carob Muffins


A few weeks ago I came across this recipe on Have Cake, Will Travel‘s website and couldn’t wait to make it. Not only is it a pumpkin muffin, but there’s carob also! Recently I’ve been getting more into carob again. There are times when I absolutely love it and others when it just doesn’t sound that great to me. I purchased some powdered carob in bulk at the health food store the other day and used some of it in a peanut butter smoothie and it was delicious. Basically you can just substitute it for anything that calls for cocoa or cocoa powder. It adds that extra little bit of sweetness and flavor. Anyway, I finally got around to making these pumpkin carob muffins the other night and they turned out quite good. A little dry (I think I’ve become conditioned to the super moist and tender taste of the chocolate cupcakes I’ve been making out of VCTOTW lately so you could say that makes me biased), but that probably had something to do with all of the whole wheat flour. Overall not bad for a pretty “healthy” cupcake. Some fiber, vitamin A, a wonderful combination of spices… it reminds me a lot of the other recipe I made by her a few months back–Pumpkin Chocolate Brownie Cake. THAT blew my mind. It’s the same kind of idea. Basically adding pumpkin to almost anything will guarantee amazingness (in my humble opinion). 

Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Brownie Cake
Super yum! And remember: anything with pumpkin is delicious!


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  1. quick q: did you use whole wheat or whole wheat pastry flour? it makes a difference. the muffins came out totally moist and cake-like for me and several others who tried them, that’s why I’m wondering.thanks for trying these!

  2. You have totally been calling to all of my favorite flavors lately… curry, rosemary, butternut squash and now pumpkin?!The muffins certainly don’t look dry in the pic, however they do look tempting!

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