Yoga Retreat and Butternut Squash Ravioli


A few weekends ago I embarked on a two day yoga retreat with a coworker of mine. It was really quite nice. The center that it took place at is called Mount Madonna. They served a few meals while we were there (just breakfast and dinner), and it was all vegan and vegetarian. I felt super healthy and like a total hippie (even more so than usual!) and drank tons and tons of Yogi tea and chai. Anyhow, I scored some really great meal ideas and thought I’d share. I took pictures, of course…

A really nice entree of tempeh with nutritional yeast, potato salad (with some really nice herbs!), salad with tahini dressing, some kind of really yummy wheat bread topped with Earth Balance, and a soy chai.

They offered a huge selection of condiments and spices ranging from Braggs, to ground flax and sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, etc. Really great idea.
One morning they served Kitcheree (which I didn’t try) and had many other options available.More chai, of course.

In addition, I also put together a quick, easy, and delicious dinner the other night that consisted of a few great ingredients. Butternut squash ravioli is my favorite kind of ravioli there is. I usually tend to buy Rising Moon Organics raviolis, and these particular ones are vegan, without the cheese. Instead I gave it more flavor by adding goat cheese, in particular, lavender herbed goat cheese, Purple Haze. DEVINE. I sauteed some cut up Field Roast sausages (these are vegan and the particular flavor I used–Smoked Apple Sage–is made out of apples, yukon gold potatoes, sage, and ginger) in olive oil, added some chopped asparagus, button mushrooms, a portabello mushroom, some handfuls of spinach, and some freshly chopped rosemary and sage. After that was cooked through, I added the cooked raviolis and goat cheese and put a lid on it to let things melt a little. Then I topped it with some fresh basil at the end. Super good, super easy, kind of fancy. It just turns out looking like one big mess (may have to work on that) but it’s delicious!


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  1. Looks like some yummy food! The place where a friend of mine went for yoga instructor school only served all vegan, all raw, sugar-free food with no seasonings. 3 weeks of that and she was just about starving. Yours looks far, far better. ; )

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