Trees, Trees Everywhere!


Ok, so I know this is bad. I should be writing a paper for anatomy right now, but, of course, I got distracted and found myself endlessly clicking through furnishings and other beautiful decor. I figure these distractions usually make me more productive in the long run. I just now stumbled upon some new things at Urban Outfitters that really caught my eye. Like, tree things. Have I not yet spelled out my profound passion for trees? I. Love. Trees. Symbolically, metaphorically, physically, they represent so many wonderful, meaningful characteristics. Wisdom, strength, independence, growth, faith. The presence of nature is my role model. So it’s no wonder why I consistently gravitate to decorative-like objects of trees or nature of any sort. Anyhow, I  just had the sudden urge to compile all of the beautiful things that I’d like to surround myself with in my future life once I get my own home. I can’t help myself, I like to dream. Hopefully you may enjoy them, also. 

More to come later!

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  1. Love the tree hooks! Are those hooks actually or just wall art? Whatever they are, they are so pretty! But not boyfriend-will-think-they’re-too-girly pretty. 😛

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